Water Lily (Birth of the Lotus)

Sunday December 22, 2019 / Behind the Scenes

CGI 3D Animated Short Film Water Lily - Birth of the Lotus Short Film by Justine Cunha, Alexandra Batina, Clémentine Delcourt, Margaux Lahuppe, Pascal miller. Featured on http://www.cgmeetup.net/home/water-li...

Water Lily ! An invented japanese tale about the birth of the lotus flower...
Orchestral Percussion, Strings,Brass,Harp,Woodwinds & Grand Piano

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'Water Lily' is an animated short about the birth of the lotus flower from a tale of love. For the soundtrack we used a track from our stock catalog entitled, 'Twilight'. It's an orchestral track using woodwinds that match with the Japanese theme of this short, along with strings, brass, harp, percussion and a grand piano.

This track is ideal for themes of magic, romance, adventure and the swings of emotion that accompany those themes from optimism to despair to hopefulness and ultimate triumph. We've made this track FREE through the month of January!

As with all SoundSuite tracks, 'Twilight' was lovingly composed by our in-house production team of Jamie Clarkston-Collins and Eli Schurder. At SoundSuite you always know where your music is coming from and we are happy to work with you directly. Just let us know what you are working on and we can provide recommendations for music from our stock catalog, or we can work with you on a custom track starting at just $49.

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