Custom Tracks

"Jamie is very conscientious, creative and very skilled at production. He is a good listener and his aim is always to please his clients." -Derrick Jordan (SuperString Theory)


At SoundSuite, we love working with video and film makers to produce that unique piece of music to fit perfectly with your visuals, from a full length song to a quick sound effect. We work quickly and affordably but most important we work collaboratively with you. We listen to you and understand your vision for the piece, and then we produce not just one but TWO tracks that we think will amplify your visuals in an amazing way. The joy of music is not just in creation but also in collaboration. We would love to collaborate with you to produce a great piece of music that makes your video sing!




Contact Us With Your Idea
Step 1

Tell Us About It

To begin, simply contact us and tell us a bit about what you are looking for such as media usage, length, genre, mood, etc.

We will get in touch with you
Step 2

We will contact you

We will contact you to further discuss your needs, our services, project timeline and cost. Before we begin, we will write a Letter of Intent to make sure we are on the same page.

Music Production & Delivery
Step 3

Select, Refine & Enjoy!

Because we aim to please, we will produce not just one but TWO pieces of music for you to choose from. If you love the track you select as-is then we will send you the high quality format. If you feel additional modifications are needed then we will continue to work with you until you are 100% satisfied.