About SoundSuite

"Jamie has a fantastic musical knowledge and understands the history and complexity of music from classical to pop to rock.” –Jack Green (T. Rex)

What we believe in.

We believe in having you get to know the people that are producing your music. We believe trust and relationships are important. We believe music should be a collaborative effort and a lot of fun!

Jamie and Eli.

Thank you for visiting  soundsuitemusic.com! We are your hosts, Jamie Clarkston-Collins and Eli Schurder. Jamie is our musical composer and producer with nearly 50 years of industry experience. He has written and produced over 1200 songs including Top 5 hits in Europe and Japan, performed and toured with Hall of Fame and Emmy winning artists such as Gladys Knight and the Pips, wrote and produced music at world famous sound studios such as Tony Bongiovi’s, ‘The Power Station’ in New York City. Eli is our Sound Engineer. A graduate of Alchamea college of music, he teamed up with Jamie over five years ago and together they produced over 1,200 pieces of music in a “SoundSuite” project that is now available on this website. Music is his passion and this website is his dream come to life. Thank you for being here!