Rock Video Clip: Zombie Nationals

Sunday November 25, 2018 / New & News

Zombie Nationals is a mid/fast tempo, dynamic, orchestral Heavy Metal track that evokes a dramatic and dark mood. Instruments used include drums, bass and electrical guitars and orchestral strings. 

At SoundSuite, we love Heavy Metal because it is a genre of rock music that is intense, powerful and is often driven by virtuoso performances on it's defining instrumentation of electric guitar, bass and drums.

Heavy Metal's founding fathers of the late 1960s were Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. A number of genres have developed over time including Alternative, Black, Death and Christian metal.

Heavy Metal soundtracks have been immortalized in great films such as 'This Is Spinal Tap' (1984) and 'Rock Star' (2001). More recently we've seen great metal soundtracks in fantasy and horror film series such as Underworld, Resident Evil, Saw, The Punisher and Dredd.

Are you working on an action, fantasy or horror piece? Give us a buzz and we can recommend some great metal tracks that fit your visuals perfectly.

Keep Creating,

Jamie & Eli

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