SoundSuite Promo Reel 8-(Animation)

Tuesday April 21, 2020 / Behind the Scenes

At SoundSuite, we take pride in creating the perfect fit soundtrack and sound effects for your video. Our points of difference include:
Knowing who produced your music! Our music composer, Jamie Clarkston-Collins, is a 40-year industry veteran and long-time producer at Tony Bongiovi's famous Power Station recording studio in New York City. Jamie's long-time and fully certified sound engineer, Eli Schurder, adds his expertise in track refinement and sound effects.
A composer who actually knows how to play the instruments! Jamie is classically trained at the Royal Scottish Academy so he actually knows how to play the instruments you hear. Strange to say that is not all that common anymore in this era of digital production and 'keyboard warriors' who only know how to push buttons to make music.
We are real human beings who will talk to you! For example, we are happy to provide FREE recommendations on tracks for your video content. While we have an easily searchable Stock Catalog with over 2,000 pieces of music across all musical genres available for perennial licensing (that means forever), we actually think it's FUN to personally help you find the right track, simply Contact Us and we'll chat!
We provide user-friendly Custom Music services, where our production team will create a customized soundtrack that fits your video content perfectly and will be yours  to use exclusively. Rates start as low as $49! Learn more here.
Thanks for considering SoundSuite for your soundtrack needs, and #KeepCreating!
-Jamie & Eli

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