SoundSuite Music- Dracula-1931 Post Production Clip

Wednesday June 28, 2023 / New & News

Hey everyone!
We wanted to share with you a little project we’ve been working on.
This is a scene from the classic film Dracula, with remastered sound effects produced by us.
In this scene we wanted the audience to comprehend the fear and confusion of the character, as well as the “creepy” vibes of Count Dracula and his brides.
Sound is everything in a video! For instance - Imagine what it would look like if the scene was accompanied with comic, or futuristic sounds, something wouldn’t quite fit.
We at #SoundSuite take pride in knowing exactly how to fit the right soundtrack or sound effect to a specific video, creating the perfect ambiance to go alongside the specific mood of the video.
So, without further ado, lean back,relax, make some popcorn if you like, and enjoy our take on Dracula and the sounds behind it.

Instruments: Synths & SFX.

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