SoundSuite Music Meditation 3 Elven Love

Wednesday August 17, 2022 / Behind the Scenes

Elven Love is a Slow paced, Calming, Nature inspired and Ethereal Meditation track that is Suitable for Self Help, Fantasy or Documentary and evokes an Inspirational, Adventurous and Relaxing mood.

Instruments: Synth Pads & Bells, Choir, Irish Traverse Flute, Strings, Shevannai Voices & SFX.

At SoundSuite, we love working with video and film makers to produce that unique piece of music to fit perfectly with your visuals, from a full length song to a quick sound effect. We work quickly and affordably but most important we work collaboratively with you. We listen to you and understand your vision for the piece, and then we produce not just one but TWO tracks that we think will amplify your visuals in an amazing way. The joy of music is not just in creation but also in collaboration. We would love to collaborate with you to produce a great piece of music that makes your video sing!

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