Knight To Meet You-(Remix By SoundSuite)

Monday March 15, 2021 / New & News


CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Knight To Meet You Short Film by ArtFx School
Is Under Creative Commons CC By 4​
Youtube Link:
SoundSuite Music Tracks Used:
1) Cartoons & Animation 80 "Two Best Friends"
Instruments: Concert Bass Drums,Tuba, Trumpets, Flugelhorn, Marimba, Honky Tonk Piano & Sfx
2) Ad Jingle 66 "Pop Up"
Instruments: Orchestral Percussion, Upright Bass, Basson, French Horns, French Oboe & SFX
3) Cartoons & Animation 75 "All I Dream Of Eating Is A Cream Puff"
Instruments: Concert Bass Drum, Tenor Trombone, Glockenspiel & Celesta
4) Ad Jingle 85 "Hola"
Instruments: Latin Percussion, Bass,Acoustic & Vihuela Spanish Guitar & Trumpets

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