Jamie and Eli on Digital Orchestral Arrangement

Tuesday August 13, 2019 / New & News

In a recent interview, Jamie and Eli spoke about the SoundSuite science behind arranging an orchestra digitally; how they put all the instruments together in a customized way and then place the orchestra in one of many concert halls around the world.

You can watch the interview or just read the transcript below:

Jamie: With Orchestral music, you put the instruments into place logically. In most cases the first strings are on the left side, the second strings are somewhere from the middle to the right, then you’ve got the double bases way over on the right, the percussion way over in the back, you’ve got the horns and the brass all centered in the middle, and then you’ve got the woodwinds including the oboes and the vio-violas etc, they have to go in the middle.

So when we are creating orchestral music, we have to place these instruments in the mix. Back, left, right, front and middle, and we have the tools to do that.

Then we take a piece of music and we mix it and we put it into a concert hall. It could go into the Vienna concert hall, or the LA concert hall, or the Sydney concert hall. We have a massive library, and we can make everything sound real. Even though it’s recorded digitally, we can actually make it sound human.

Eli: It can be in a cathedral, in an arena, in a studio, in a concert hall, it can be wherever you want to play that piece.

Jamie: In short, technology has advanced to such a degree where production has gone side by side with it.

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