Crazy Mixed Up World

Monday April 13, 2020 / Behind the Scenes

I (Jamie) wrote the instrumental to this song over 20 years ago, in 1996. I was in the piano department in the Guitar Center in New York City. I wrote the verse and bridge but couldn't come up with a chorus. In 2008, I returned to Jerusalem and sat down at Eli's old Yamaha Synth, played what I had written a dozen years earlier and the chorus just came flowing out.

I wrote the lyrics down and thought of my old friend Brett Banham, a great Seattle-born vocalist who has been in many bands including multi-decade band 'Uncle Salty's Cabin'. I called him up and asked if he would lay down a vocal for me. He ended up laying down several but among them was this song, 'Crazy Mixed Up World'. It was so good I said, "let's record it live" and so we did, just piano and vocal, and it's always been one of my favorite compositions.

Fast forward another dozen years to the great pandemic of 2020. I was thinking about writing something related to how people are feeling in these times, and then it struck me that I'd already done it. This song was waiting on the shelf and all it needed were some visuals to bring it to life. Eli did his usual great job of editing and syncing up some video clips of the relatively emptiness of the world right now.

I hope you enjoy 'Crazy Mixed Up World', available for download from our stock music catalog, and hope as we all do that soon the world will once again be full of people coming together and embracing each other.

Much love to you all and #KeepCreating,

Jamie Clarkston-Collins

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