A Life Lived With Grace

Tuesday December 14, 2021 / Introduction & About

A Life Lived With Grace A lyric video Music by Loretta Kay Feld.
A very uplifting and joyous song composed to unite choirs across the world and to spread joy, love, peace and harmony and to encourage all people to live a life filled with grace. This lyric video was composed as a collaboration with an award winning filmmaker, Jason Figgis and post production with Sound Suite Music. (c) music copyright 2021 by Loretta Kay Feld. International copyright reserved. A very special thank you for the bea utiful Soprano voice of Leila Dione Ezra.
It is a great honor to be recognized. The people involved in the project for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee are being acknowledged for all the hard work and the ability to rise above obstacles in their paths.
Eli and I are privileged and grateful to be working with such talent

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