Don Stevenson’s 3rd Solo Album-Limited Engagement Vol 1 Produced By: SoundSuite Music

Thursday June 29, 2023 / New & News

Don Stevenson's 3rd Solo Album-Limited Engagement
Music and Lyrics: Don Stevenson
Produced and Mastered by Jamie Collins and Eli Schurder
Who is Don Stevenson? 
Moby Grape and Don Stevenson are significant figures in the world of music, and listening to their work can offer you a unique and enriching experience. Here are a few reasons why you might want to explore their music:
1Moby Grape's contribution to the 1960s music scene: Moby Grape was an influential rock band from San Francisco that formed in the 1960s. They combined elements of folk, rock, blues, and psychedelia to create a unique sound that made them stand out among their contemporaries. Listening to Moby Grape allows you to experience a snapshot of the 1960s music scene and appreciate the innovative styles and sounds of that era.
2Don Stevenson's multifaceted talents: As a drummer, singer, and songwriter for Moby Grape, Don Stevenson played a crucial role in the band's success. His talents as a musician contributed to the band's distinctive sound, and his songwriting skills helped shape their memorable songs. Listening to his work can provide you with a deeper understanding of his musicianship and the role he played in the band.
3The impact on future generations of musicians: Moby Grape and Don Stevenson's music has influenced numerous artists that came after them. Bands like The Flamin' Groovies, Teenage Fanclub, and even Led Zeppelin have cited Moby Grape as a major influence. By listening to their music, you can hear the threads that have inspired subsequent generations of musicians.
4Appreciating the band's musicianship: Moby Grape was known for their strong musicianship, with all five members contributing vocals and playing multiple instruments. Listening to their music allows you to appreciate the skills and craftsmanship that went into creating their songs.
5The cult following and rediscovery: Moby Grape and Don Stevenson have enjoyed a cult following among fans and critics alike. Although the band never achieved significant commercial success, their music has been rediscovered and celebrated over time, with many regarding them as unsung heroes of the 1960s rock scene.
By listening to Moby Grape and Don Stevenson, you'll have the opportunity to appreciate their unique sound, learn about their impact on the music world, and explore an important part of music history.
(c) Music & Lyrics Don Stevenson / Stevensongs Music 
(Produced & Mastered  by Jamie Collins &  Eli Schurder
Published by Norman Evans (TEC - The Evans Corporation / (c) SoundSuite Music) 
Contact Norman Evans 416 722 5186




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